Nutrition Solutions is dedicated to helping you feel your best, for life. Our dietitians are experts in the nutritional management of conditions ranging from weight management and pre and post bariatric surgery, through to food intolerances/IBS, liver disease, cardiovascular health, diabetes, womens health and more.

Weight Loss

We recognise that a “one size fits all approach” is not appropriate when it comes to weight-management. We can help you to: Stop the yo-yo dieting cycle Manage your snacking Find the style of eating that best suits you Find foods that keep your appetite well controlled Improve your energy levels.

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Weight Loss Surgery

We are experts in weight loss surgery support and we are committed to helping you achieve reach your weight goals, improve your relationship with food and ensure you are feeling healthy and well-nourished after surgery.

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Food Intolerances & IBS

Food intolerances and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are better recognised and more commonly diagnosed than ever before. Symptoms from foods can emerge at any stage of life, even from foods you previously tolerated!

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Diabetes Support

Diabetes is a complex condition which requires good understanding of how food affects your blood sugar levels. We can help! We have found that a lot of dietary advice for diabetics is outdated and unhelpful.

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